Selanis is a custom fantasy setting for Savage Worlds.

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Two centuries ago, the first human colonists arrived on Selanis through a shimmering portal made to bridge worlds. The Last Empire earned its claim on the land by helping the native elves and dwarves drive back the crushing swarms of orcs and goblins that threatened to overrun them. In the aftermath, a colony of the Last Empire was established on Selanis: The vassal Kingdom of Birchon. The freshly-liberated forests and plains gave ample opportunity for prosperity, and the economic and military support of the Last Empire helped bring it to pass. Humans, elves, and dwarves formed an alliance to guarantee mutual safety and prosperity, and for most of two centuries, there was peace.

In more recent years, however, everything is changing. The cities of the Empire colony, once shining beacons of civilization and stability, are beginning to fray and crumble. The Empire‚Äôs resources are being poured into a vast war with The Horde, and endless battles raging across scores of distant worlds leave no time to worry about the survival of one insignificant colony. The orcs and goblins are returning in greater numbers every year, threatening not just the humans of the Empire, but the elves and dwarves as well…

Magic, too, comes more into play. After several generations living on the world, becoming one with it, the rising generation of humans has started to manifest the same powers of sorcery that are the heritage of the native races of Selanis. What will happen when they discover these powers, and what social and political ramifications will follow, remains to be seen…


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