Name: Arkan
Race: Human M
Player: Jeff

Stocky, black haired

Arkan wasn’t always blind. He doesn’t remember many of the first years, but what he does remember is eventually ending up in a Dwarven village while he was still a child. His adoptive father was an Earth Mage who, having been on the front lines before, had since disappeared from the battlefield and was attempting to live out the rest of his days as quietly as possible. He quickly found that Arkan had a gift for earth magic and was able, even at a young age, to accomplish impressive feats of power. However Arkan was not largely in conscious control of that power, and at times would lash out with destructive force, immediately regretting the destruction he had caused.
One day, while studying about earth magic, he found an old diary researching an incredible and constructive power for earth users: creating diamond from coal. It detailed how, with enough pressure and/or heat, one could turn an ordinary burnt piece of wood and make something beautiful out of it. His father, upon finding out, called it a fool’s errand: the story was nothing but legend and the magic itself would be dangerous given the amount of power and pressure necessary. However, secretly this became Arkan’s mission, and he was determined to use his raw power to create, not simply to destroy.
His first mock trials seemed promising. He hadn’t actually made any diamond, but he was beginning to feel how it might be possible. After years of planning and preparation, he believed he was ready: the purest coal from the cleanest burning furnace, the honing of his control and power to a level his father couldn’t match, and his confidence in his ability were all there. And so he began, at a small stone shed he built himself, out in the woods outside the village.
First, he carefully shaped the lump of coal into a sphere, so that he could apply equal pressure across the surface. Next, he began to focus on the material, slowly bringing his concentration to bear on the surface of the sphere. He then started to apply his power, putting pressure on the outside of the sphere, slowly compressing it down. As his concentration grew, the pressure continued to build, and he was beginning to feel the crystals form. Just as it seemed like it was starting to come together, the pressure seemed to be attempting to escape from his grasp. As he diverted his attention to one area, another would spring up. Things were getting out of control, and all it took was a moment that his concentration wavered, and the sphere exploded.
His father heard the explosion and came running, worried that his son was too head-strong to give up so easily on such an ambitious goal. He found Arkan badly injured: thousands of small shards of diamond had embedded themselves in his bones, tissues, and, unfortunately, his eyes. While the rest of the wounds were so small they healed very quickly (and luckily none had damaged any vital organs), Arkan was now blind.
Afterwards, Arkan spent many years adapting to his loss of eye-sight. Eventually, he found the diamond shards had taken away so much, but had also given him some unexpected gifts. His sensitivity to the earth beneath his feet had become heightened, seemingly as if he was using the diamonds as a translator. While he still had a great amount of power, more of it had diffused amongst the earth around him, becoming like a another part of his body. He eventually became aware that, given time and practice, he might eventually finish his mission. But practicing in the village had only gone so far. He needed to find new ways to hone his power and find new ways to use it.
He eventually left the village, determined that some day he would find a way to make a pure diamond from coal. Over the years, he has been many places, and forced into many difficult situations culminating in his incarceration. However no one who really knows him mistakes him for a helpless blind man anymore. You can see the glint of the diamond shards in his eyes if you look close enough.

agility – d4
smarts – d4
strength – d4
spirit – d12
vigor – d6

fighting – d8
Knowledge: Earth – d8
Sorcery – d12

Derived Stats
charisma: 0
pace: 6
parry: 6
toughness: 5

Hot headed (short temper)
Wanted (lots of minor enemies)

AB: Sorcery (Earth)
Tremor Sense (can “see” anything active within 5" on the same surface)

Elemental Weapon (Stone hammer)
Deflection (“Living Battlefield”) (Adept Power)
Elemental Manipulation (Earth)


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