Name: Darak
Race: Human M
Player: Damon

Darak is the son of one of the Elders of a remote human village that generally avoids contact with the rest of the world as they believe that travel between worlds is unnatural and upsetting the balance of all Nature. As an apprentice Shaman since a young age, Darak’s lifelong connection to Nature gives him special abilities few humans possess. Darak convinced several other youths to take an active hand in trying to stop both human inter-world travel and depredations of evil alien races, and led an attack on a large outpost of Mazon Enterprises. The attack failed, his companions were killed and he was shunned by his village. Darak has sworn to bring Mazon Enterprises to justice for their continued transgression against Selanis.

agility – d8
smarts – d6
strength – d4
spirit – d8
vigor – d4

fighting – d8
fighting – d6
Shooting – d8
Notice – d6
Stealth – d6
Survival – d4
Tracking – d6

Derived Stats
charisma: 0
pace: 6
parry: 5
toughness: 4

Minor: Vow (take down Mazon Enterprises)
Minor: Vengeful
Major: Enemy: Mazon Enterprises

AB: Miracles (Nature)
Beast Master (raptor companion)
New Power

Beast Friend
Stun (thunderclap)


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