Name: Gyth
Race: Half-orc M
Player: John

Gyth was always a troubled youth. Being a half-orc means he never had a lot of friends, and more than a few enemies. He never fit in with either humans or orcs, and spent most of his time as a “brute for hire” for whatever party would have him, which usually meant some rich merchant wanted Gyth to get hacked up by bandits. After a particularly nasty ambush where Gyth lost his eye to a brigand’s arrow, he’d had enough. If he was going to be in the line of fire every day, he wanted a chance to move up the ranks, and the Empire’s army allowed him a chance to do just that. Sure, he’d have to spend a couple of years chasing goblins or whatever, but the army rewards those who show promise, right? Gyth volunteered the next day.

Gyth was abandoned early on by his parents so he’s always been self-sufficient. His favored weapon is a great axe that was given to him as a reward by one of the few employers who valued Gyth’s service. There are some runes on it that Gyth can’t read, so he just calls it his “attitude adjuster.” Although Gyth plays the role of brute well, he’s not really bloodthirsty. The world is full of people who just don’t know when to stand down, however, and Gyth is happy to adjust their attitude accordingly. One day Gyth figures he’ll be able to retire from the army and start his own mercenary service. That way he can send others off to get punched in the face while he relaxes at home. Until then, it’s the army life for him.

agility – d8
smarts – d4
strength – d10
spirit – d4
vigor – d6

fighting – d10
Stealth – d8
Throwing – d6
Notice – d4
Streetwise – d4
Taunt – d4
Climbing – d4
Swimming – d4

Derived Stats
charisma: -5
pace: 6
parry: 7 (6 with great axe)
toughness: 5

One Eye
Quirk (doesn’t trust horses)

First Strike
Trademark Weapon (trusty great axe)


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