The Empire Tongue (Common)

The most commonly spoken language is the Empire Tongue, which is spoken by humans throughout the Empire and anybody who wants to communicate with them. Most elves and dwarfs speak it fluently, and it has been a standard part of their education for a century. Some of the chaotic races speak it as well, especially the orcs, although it is far less common and usually a sign of high rank.

The Old Language

The “old language” is the native tongue of the elves and dwarves, and an archaic dialect of it is spoken by the orcs. Those races all speak it. Noble human families living on Selanis, as well as anyone else with sufficient education, are likely to have a working knowledge of the Old Language as well. It is also the language of the ancient civilization of Amnor.

Racial Languages

Most of the chaotic races have their own individual racial languages as well, although most of them also speak the orcish version of the Old Language.

Other Empire Languages

The Empire is made of many races and peoples, some of which have their own languages and dialects. Travelers from distant parts of the Empire may speak their own private languages.


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