Name: Magus
Race: (???) M
Player: Damian

I’m imagining him to be a djinn, fiend, or some other foreign creature from far off (and probably somewhat less living-people-friendly) lands. He’s short, dark skinned, red eyed, and wrapped in dusty, travel warn rags from head to foot (partly since he’s so ugly, but probably more to hide the sanguine tattoos that glow after he kills).

He’s a bundle of joy and love, but hides it very, very well.

As mentioned previously, Magus is a djinn of sorts from far, far off lands. It’s the sort of place that haunt the nightmares of children, where there indeed are terrible things lurking in the shadows. Magus is one of those things. He and his kind silently stalked the living, feeding on their fears and their very lives, which is why the red markings on his body glow when he kills.

From where he comes from Magus is in no sense “evil”. His home is the realm of nightmares where the inhabitants are all conjurations of the human mind. Products of their worst fears of what might lurk in the night.

This is all well and good had he remained home… but now his kind are loose in the world.

Why did he leave, you ask? It wasn’t by choice. Something far more menacing than he, either a great force for ‘good’ or something far more vile (take your pick) forced his kindred to flee. Now, displaced from their home into the lands of the living, they’re compelled by the nature humanity gave them to be the very terrors people feared.

Faced with his creators, Magus is angered that humanity would conjure with their minds things meant only to be reviled. So he’s vowed to consume the souls of the living until he grows strong enough to reclaim his home, and in the process also teach humanity why it was they once feared the dark.

See? I told you he was just a misunderstood bundle of love and joy. ;)

agility – d10
smarts – d4
strength – d8
spirit – d6
vigor – d4

fighting – d10
climbing – d8 (+ 2 from Thief)
lock picking – d6 (+ 2 from Thief)
stealth – d10 (+ 2 from Thief)
intimidate – d4
notice – d4

Derived Stats
charisma: -4 (-8 if bloodthirstiness known)
pace: 6
parry: 7
toughness: 4

vengeful (major)
ugly (minor)
outsider (minor)
bloodthirsty (major)

low light vision


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