Name: Samiel
Race: Human M
Player: Chris Mason

Description: Fair of hair and eyes.

Agility – d4
Smarts – d6
Strength – d4
Spirit – d8
Vigor – d8

Fighting – d4
Knowledge (Arcane) – d8
Notice – d6
Persuasion – d8
Sorcery – d10
Streetwise – d6

Derived Stats
Charisma: 2
Pace: 6
Parry: 4
Toughness: 6

Major – Enemy (The Brotherhood of the Aether)
Minor – Wanted for grifting in Birchon City
Minor – Claustrophobic (-2 to Trait rolls in confined spaces)

AB: Sorcery (Air)
Charismatic – +2 Charisma
Power Points – d6 Power Die
New Power

Burst (Hurricane winds) – TBD
Deflection (Swirling winds)
Elemental Manipulation (Air)
Entangle (Localized Twister)


Samiel was born in the slums of Birchon City and raised in an orphanage. Often smarter than those around him, he learned early on that he could talk his way into or out of most situations. After he ran away from the orphanage at 14 it was this skill that allowed him to survive. Eventually, he was noticed by a gang of grifters and recruited to join them. His time with the gang, working both short- and long-cons, was the happiest time in his life.

That time ended when the gang tried to run a con on The Brotherhood of the Aether, a militant Elven order dedicated to the practice of sorcery and rumored to be extremely wealthy. The order members saw through the scam and set upon the gang, killing all of them except Sam. During the battle, Sam’s latent power had manifested itself as strange winds deflecting blades aimed for him and knocking attackers away. Alarmed by the sight of a Human using sorcery, the Brotherhood captured Sam and took him back to their sanctuary in the West to study him (and make sure that whatever he could do remained a closely guarded secret and firmly under their control).

Life at the sanctuary was hard, filled with long hours of painful tests, demanding study and excruciating practice every day for months on end. When he tried to escape he was put in a box that was only big enough for him to fit if he was bent completely in half. For his first attempt he was locked in the box for a day. On his second, it was a week. There was no third attempt but the box had already left it’s mark on him.

Eventually, through a combination of hard work, charisma and his confidence skills, he earned the Brotherhood’s trust and was allowed to occasionally travel outside the sanctuary. In his third year with the Brotherhood, Sam was sent on a mission to the town of Feldvale with other members of the order. It was the farthest away from the sanctuary he had been allowed to go and it brought back long-suppressed thoughts of escape. Two days outside of Feldvale, he happened to notice a small expedition gearing up to go Northward into the wilderness. Working quickly he escaped from the Brotherhood, obtained enough equipment to play the part of a down-on-his-luck mercenary, and managed to get himself hired as part of the expedition by a man named Razius. The pay was actually decent so he stuck with that gig as they traveled north through Faramin Pass then eastward towards the ruins of Teledil.

Ultimately, his luck ran out. The expedition was bankrolled by the large and powerful Mazon Enterprises, a trading and exploring corporation with its fingers all over Selanis. They’d sent a guard force of their own along with the expedition and, unfortunately for Sam, they stayed in communication with their mother corporation which was on good terms with the Brotherhood. A few days after Razius (the regular guard captain) mysteriously disappeared, he found himself hauled out of his tent by Mazon soldiers. They took him a mile or so into the woods, tied him to a tree and set down some sort of magical beacon. Sam knew it was only a matter of time before the Brotherhood came for him…unless the roving orcs got to him first.


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