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Savage Worlds rules

Rules specific to the Selanis setting

Character Creation notes

I want to allow the widest variety possible in terms of races, backgrounds, and character types, but we may have to make a few adjustments in order to fit the setting. Some things you may want to be aware of when considering your charaters:

  • The Empire spans hundreds of worlds, and is 90-95% human. The remainder are almost all humanoid. If you want to play a race that isn’t in the Wizards & Warriors supplement (human, elf, dwarf, halfling, half-orc), we can import/invent a race and draw them from this pool. Because of the diverse nature of empire citizens, race is generally not a big deal to them, and most of them won’t bat an eye at blue skin or a 4-foot figure.
  • Although anyone can train to be an Enchanter, Sorcerers are only born among the natives of Selanis. This means that when the human Empire first arrived on Selanis, they could not do sorcery… it simply wasn’t in their blood. Since then, the humans have come to take this state of affairs for granted, and are content to let the elves and dwarves have that magic for them. However, after many generations of living on Selanis, breathing it’s water, drinking it’s air, and being assimilated into the world, some human children of long-established families have found that they have the power of sorcery as well. This fact is not yet common knowledge. Most humans with the gift don’t know, and those that do generally want it kept secret. Keep that in mind if you create a human sorcerer.

Recommended Reading

For getting some more ideas about the world you’ll be playing in, look at the entries under “The Selanis Setting” on the main wiki page. You may also want to take a look at previous adventures in the Adventure Log.

Starting out

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