SW Rules clarifications


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Raises over Toughness = wounds delivered, period. If you score a raise on the damage roll, you deliver a Wound for each raise you score. Always.

There is one and only one special case.

That special case is:
If your Damage roll is over Toughness by 0-3, AND the target is already Shaken, he takes a Wound. This is the ONE AND ONLY case where Wounds delivered is anything other than “raises acheived on damage”.

Your interpretation is, incidentally, the most common error anyone ever makes in Savage Worlds. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t misread the rules the way you misread them, at least once.

If you put it into a chart, it would go something like this:

< Toughness = nothing happens
0-3 over Toughness = Shaken
4-7 over Toughness = 1 Wound
8-11 over Toughness = 2 Wounds

< Toughness = nothing happens
0-3 over Toughness = 1 Wound
4-7 over Toughness = 1 Wound
8-11 over Toughness = 2 Wounds

As well, any time you take a Wound, if you weren’t Shaken you become Shaken.

Trick limitations

Tricks are pretty flexible, but for balance, need to obey the following rules:

  1. The in-game effect needs to be a -2 to parry on success and shaken on a raise.
  2. Should only affect one opponent (exceptions are likely to have a difficulty penalty or require an extra check to pull off)
  3. Should use attribute dice instead of skill dice: an elemental manipulation trick (such as ice under feet) would be a spirit roll, not a spellcasting roll.


Beast Friend

An already-friendly beast will go along with most orders. Unfriendly beasts will not necessarily comply. The caster can compel them, but they get a Spirit roll to resist anything significantly contrary to their will (and if they do resist, the spell is broken). Alternately, the caster can roleplay a dialogue with the target beast, and use persuasion/intimidation to get it to do what he wants.

One casting per turn

A player only gets one casting action per turn, even if one of those castings is a free action.


Interruptions and Shaken

If the character is interrupted and Shaken before taking his normal action (as opposed to a Free Action like movement), he would use that action to attempt to recover from being Shaken.

Fast Target

The “fast target” modifier (-1 to shooting for every 10" of speed, see SWD p.100) applies to characters and creatures moving quickly enough as well. Source

SW Rules clarifications

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