the Kingdom of Birchon

After the Last Empire arrived on Selanis and successfully drove off the invading hordes, they established the Kingdom of Birchon as a permanent colony on the world and vassal kingdom of the Empire. The elves and dwarves agreed to grant them the lands that the Empire had played a critical role in reconquering, consisting of the wide plains that lay between the elves in the west and the dwarves in the east. The Empire was also granted the territory to the North that had once belonged to the ancient kingdom of Amnor. Samus Birchon, appointed the first King for his role in establishing the colony, proved to be an effective leader, and the newly minted kingdom grew and prospered.

Since its founding, the Kingdom of Birchon has largely concentrated its growth in the Birchon valley, although some chose to settle in Amnor, primarily in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains and the valleys just north of Faramin pass. These settlements, for the most part, were still young when the orc and goblin hordes started to reappear from the north, making raids to the south into elven, dwarven, and human lands. About this time, the Empire’s war with the Horde was getting more intense, and fewer military resources were available to fight the invading chaotics. At first, they could adequately defend the settlements, but lacked the resources to pursue the raiders further north and deal with them more permanently. In recent years, however, there have not been enough soldiers to completely defend the northern settlements. More and more of them have been lost, either abandoned or destroyed.

Today, the Kingdom is ruled by Octavian Birchon, direct descendant of Samus Birchon.

TODO: Problems with rebels…

the Kingdom of Birchon

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