History of Selanis

This represents a “Common knowledge” timeline of Selanis leading up to the current day, as viewed by the Empire.
BE = Before Empire
AE = After Empire

480 BE Elves and dwarves found a powerful joint civilization at Amnor, which prospers.

280 BE The chaotic races begin to grow in power and start to cause more and more destruction. The elves and dwarves don’t prepare enough.

230 BE The Fall of Amnor.

1 AE Empire colonists arrive through a newly-formed world portal. The Empire expedition is led by then-legate Samus Birchon, who cannily assesses the tactical situation and quickly forges an alliance with both the elves and dwarves. Leading this new alliance, Birchon musters the full might of the Empire and along with his new allies, drives the chaotic races back. The chaotic races are completely unprepared for Empire armies and tactics, especially their heavy cavalry. In a campaign lasting nearly four years, Birchon leads the new-forged alliance to victory, purging the Birchon Plains, then pushing north to retake the ruins of Teledil and Amnadil.

5 AE After defeating the chaotic incursion, the New Alliance is formalized. As part of this alliance and in exchange for their help in driving the chaotics back, the Empire is granted significant lands to colonize as well as trade agreements. Humans claim ownership of Amnor and what is now the Birchon Plains, establishing the Kingdom of Birchon.

5 AE – 190 AE The Kingdom of Birchon spreads across the plains, prospering greatly. In the later years, some holdings are established in the valleys just north of Faramin pass, near the ancient realm of Amnor.

190 AE Fierce war begins between The Horde and The Empire, in worlds far distant from Selanis.

190 AE – 210 AE With Empire military resources stretched increasingly by the expanding war with The Horde, bandit and chaotic race raids start to get bigger, more frequent, and more organized every year. Colonization in the north reaches is interrupted by increasing raids from the chaotic races, who seem to come back every few years. The Empire’s legions are able to keep them at bay, but the Empire lacks resources to permanently drive them away.

200 AE More military strength is redirected to support the expanding war with The Horde. As an unfortunate consequence, bandit and chaotic race activity begins to increase in the far reaches of the Empire colonies, especially in Amnor. Meanwhile, the Empire begins to recruit more conscripts (and volunteers) from Selanis citizens.

210 – 220 AE Empire military presence in the colony begins to be further reduced, their resources redirected to fight the Horde. Meanwhile, unrest and raids continue to increase, wiping out settlements too far away to protect and pushing further and further south. The elves and dwarves are too busy defending their own lands to offer much help to the Empire, and vice versa. Maintaining stability everywhere grows more and more difficult.

220 AE For the first time, there are rumors of organized rebellion in addition to bandit and chaotic race raids. This campaign begins.

History of Selanis

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