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Sunbeam Wand (1)
A short, smooth wand inscribed with carved runes.
Can cause a beam of brilliant white light that lasts for about three seconds. Recharges in the sunlight, holds up to four charges.

Norgrug’s Armor (2)
This plate mail shines with a silver luster. It seems incredibly well made, nearly seamless.
+ 1 plate armor (+ 4 armor total)

Norgrug’s Gladius (2)
This short sword shines with the same luster as the armor. The edge and point is particularly sharp: clearly a very deadly weapon. Pierces one point of armor.

Double crossbow
A rare, although not unheard of variant on the regular crossbow, this model has two bows one above the other. Heavy, but extremely deadly.
RoF 2, + 2 attack if firing both barrels at one target (like “three round burst”)

Healing Potion (blue)
A basic first-aid potion. Cures 1 wound level per battle, but can only be used during the Golden Hour.

Heavy Helmet (unidentified) (3)
This helmet feels unusually heavy. So far, the only effects discovered are that it seems to both attract and absorb lightning, and heats up as it does so.

Pink Potion (unidentified) (4)
Causes the drinker to move at an accelerated rate for a short time…

Runed map & staff
Obtained from Norgrug’s treasure room.
The map is a sheet of loose canvas, with a map on either side. One side of the map recognized as being the area of mountains near Norgrug’s Lair. On the other side was what looked like a city, alongside a river leading from mountains into a sea or large lake. On both maps was marked a distinctive rune, which was also found prominently on the staff. The rune on the map was estimated to be a couple of hours from Norgrug’s lair. Touching the staff to the wall will open it into a dark passage, sloping underground (and eventually, all the way under the mountains to Teledil… ) the legendary lost underpassage of Za-Nalun.

Runed golden bracelets (unidentified) (6)
Unremarkable on casual inspection, but found carefully concealed inside Norgrug’s clothing. Subtle runes are visible on the surface when closely examined. The two bracelets in the pair are magically linked somehow.

Warrior’s Brew
This small keg, filled with some sort of strong liquor, was found stashed in a corner of the kitchens from Norgrug’s lair. It contains a seriously potent beverage made by orcs to help them resist wounds in battle. It makes your head spin (-2 to anything smarts-based) but helps dull the pain of wounds (ignore 1 point of wound penalties). Lasts 1 hour. This keg currently contains 7 doses.

Tome on Amnor military tactics
Donavan noticed this in the library, and realized it’s value. It could teach a reader something about military tactics, although they would need to be able to read the Old Tongue (Donavan, as an elf, can, maybe others too). If nothing else, it should fetch a nice price in the right place.

Strong Healing Potion (Silvery)
Like the normal potion of healing, but good for (up to) two wound levels.

Wand of Fireballs (8)
A dark wooden wand with a very clear circular rune on it near where the thumb would go. Holding the rune down causes the wand to shoot out a fireball (Blast power, may set things on fire).

Timeless Candle (9)
A single red candle, producing a clear white flame. Attempts to extinguish it have, so far, failed. Magical means will probably be necessary.

Old arcana primer (10)
Found in the dusty remains of an ancient school in Narak-Nalun, this small book, written in the old tongue, includes some basic knowledge about arcane magic. It has a page near the front detailing the workings of a light wand. It looks like more could be learned from the book, if read…

Cap of screaming translation
A soft cap made out of a silky gray material. When worn, causes the wearer to scream out the translation (in his most-used language) of whatever words he hears or sees that are in any other language. The experience is headache inducing and unpleasant.

Cold dagger
This dagger feels icy to the touch. Holding it anywhere but the handle is uncomfortably cold. +1 damage, freezes a surprisingly large amount of water when the blade is touched to it.

Sharp pen (unidentified) (12)
Shaped like a fountain pain with an unusually sharp point. It does not appear to contain any ink.

Magical Bandage wraps
Three lengths of cloth that look like they are designed for bandaging. Bandages of speedy healing: a wrap of cloth that will allow a natural healing roll every day, rather than every 5 days as usual. They expire as soon as a natural healing roll succeeds.

Glider Staff
Straight out of Avatar. This staff, unique to the Brotherhood of the Aether, facilitates flight. Used in conjunction with the Fly power, allows the duration to last 30 minutes for regular, long-distance flight. Also doubles as a quarterstaff in combat (Str+d4, Parry+1, Reach 1, 2 hands).


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