Amnor was a prosperous joint civilization of the elves and dwarves. Its principal cities were Teledil and Amnadil, the ruins of which are still a major presence in the region.

Amnor was destroyed by massive orc and goblin armies around 230 years before the Empire’s arrival. Teledil and Amnadil were overrun and destroyed by invading hordes of orcs, goblins, ogres, and other chaotic races. The elves and dwarves blamed each other for the failure to protect Amnor, and grew apart, a grudge that has not disappeared to this day. Cooperation between them collapsed as each race focused only on defending its own lands: the joint civilization of Amnor was completely destroyed, and never rebuilt. Chaotic races inhabited its lands, looted and destroyed it, and used it as a base for continuing to fight the elves and dwarves. The elves and dwarves were each able to defend their core lands, but lost all of Amnor as well as what is know the Birchon plains. These lands were not recovered from the invading chaotics until the arrival of the Empire.

Those who have extensively studied Amnor have noted that it is built on the ruins of a previous civilization: “Old Amnor.” Old Amnor was destroyed immediately before the current Amnor. Archaeological records show a lot of elven, dwarven, and orc skeletons, and concluded that the first Amnor was destroyed by invading Orcs, then almost immediately rebuilt.

There is considerable disagreement, however, over who the first Amnorians were. The popular story of a joint civilization springing up out of nothing seems unlikely, and many have speculated that Old Amnor was founded by either the elves or the dwarves initially, with the others joining them over time. The elves and dwarves, naturally, believe their own races to be the original founders. Human scholars have not reached any solid conclusions on the matter.

The truth of the matter, a long buried secret recently discovered and known only to a few, is that the Orcs were the founders. Old Amnor was a great orc civilization, peaceful and highly advanced. It was not an elf or dwarf civilization destroyed by orcs: it was an orc civilization destroyed by elves and dwarves. Both races, at the time, had conspired for the purpose of overpowering the peaceful orcs and taking their riches for their own. They were successful, founding New Amnor on the rubble of the old, while the remaining orcs fled into the wilderness. The orcs have long forgotten all of this, but have retained a tribal belief that the lands of Amnor, as well as the Birchon Valley, are their birthright.

What happens with this secret remains to be seen.


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